Wedding planners aren’t cheap – well good ones aren’t!  What do you get when you employ a wedding planner? From our experience (over the last 20 years being in this wedding industry),  you get a lot more than you as a consumer ever know. For instance:

A while back we did a wedding at a popular outdoor venue in Darwin.  This is a gorgeous spot along the sea and caters for lots of different events.  I was employed as the wedding planner and stylist for this event and was on site early in the morning to start the setup.  I was horrified to realise that the area was absolutely littered with bottle caps, cigarette butts, straws and lots of rubbish not very appealing to a wedding.  As the wedding planner, I was able to get this cleaned up before the ceremony began (it took nearly 2 hours for someone to pick up all the rubbish). If I had not been the wedding planner, this would not have been something that I could have done and the wedding couple would have had to have the area as it was.

Another story was that we were setting up a wedding along the esplanade one day and right where the client was having their ceremony there was a lady sun baking.  Well, we set up as much as we could thinking that she would move soon. However this wasn’t to be, and eventually, I had to ask her to move. Her reaction was “NO! This is a public place and I don’t have to move”.  Some discussion took place and in the end, I was forced to inform her that I would have to call the police as the client had in fact paid to have this area for the wedding. This was enough to get her to move but it was something that the client didn’t need to be worried about. It was fixed behind the scenes simply and effectively by us.

Wedding planners are there to ensure that the little things get sorted out so you are able to have a stress free day with your loved ones.   After all, you only get married once!!


Whether you use Enchanted Moments or another company it is important to impart your vision for the wedding in as much detail as you can so that your experience is one that exceeds your expectations.  We would love to assist you with your wedding so if you or someone you know is looking for the detail that we can offer please feel free to contact us for an appointment.