Helium Inhalation – It’s No Laughing Matter

As a professional balloon artist, I am always concerned about my clients safety and as part of our education program, I would love you to take a moment to have a look at the information supplied below from BOC gases.  It is a very important message that needs to be...

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How To Hold A Better Dinner Conversation At Events

Thankfully everyone is not like me. I feel awkward when I go into new situations like a gala dinner with people around the table that I don’t know.  I am constantly trying to find the right things to say and over loud music that sometimes comes out a bit flat. So to...

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Why Use A Wedding Planner?

Wedding planners aren’t cheap – well good ones aren’t!  What do you get when you employ a wedding planner? From our experience (over the last 20 years being in this wedding industry),  you get a lot more than you as a consumer ever know. For instance: A while back we...

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Balloons And The Environment

Most people incorrectly believe that balloons are made of plastic but this is the furthermost from the truth.  Latex balloons are actually made from the sap tapped from a rubber tree, so they are completely natural.  As we all know, trees are great for our...

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Themed Events

Are you bored with going to the same old Gala Dinners time and again.  Some organisers can’t get past the chair covers, lights and table arrangements (even some of those are minimal).  Whilst there is nothing wrong with that in a lot of cases, why not look at making...

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Location Weddings – Pros And Cons

Location weddings can be awesome or they can be a nightmare if you don’t get a handle on things. Some important things to remember are: You need to move a lot of people over several different times and maybe from different places You need to accommodate and feed these...

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