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Tips for Organising a Successful Event

So you have decided to put on an event?  Where do you start?  OMG even a simple BBQ at home has problems that you have to think about before the event.

  • Let people know about your event with plenty of notice. Save the date invitations are perfect for weddings but can be used for any special event especially if the event is attracting guests from interstate or overseas.
  • Play music that all will enjoy. It is not appropriate to play heavy rock music if there are a lot of older guests; at least not until they leave.
  • Security is also something that you have to look into if you are holding a teenage function at home. Ensure that they haven’t posted something on facebook and if so make a decision early if you are going to cancel or postpone. Your local police should be notified and any advice that they give taken notice of.
  • Personalize your invitations to ensure that your guests feel that they are special.
  • Ensure that your venue is ready to perfection at least an hour before the event. If you can’t do this ensure one of your trusted friends can do this for you, so that you can relax.
  • Keep in mind what is important to an event. Generally people don’t remember the food that they ate or the type of wine that they drank but they will remember how you made them feel and the ambiance of the venue. Beautiful photographs that can be viewed years to come will be brought to life by the decorations and creativity that you have shown for your event.
  • If in doubt about your supplier’s capability, DON’T hire them. You must be able to trust that they have the skills and the organisation to fulfill all your wishes for your event.
  • A beautifully set table can make even plain food look elegant and inviting. This doesn’t have to involve a lot of money; you can be creative. Today there is a focus on vintage events so small jars with delicate flowers in them can look absolutely charming. Candles always make an event magical and relatively inexpensive. Never use candles that won’t last the distance, nine hours is a minimum you or your professional should use. Don’t forget to always put candles in glass to ensure that they remain lit, are safe and that they don’t damage your table linen.
  • Don’t make your table centerpieces too high. In the event industry there is a 12 – 24” exclusion zone. We always try to make sure that our centerpieces are not too heavy in this area. That will ensure that your guests can see the other side of the table.
  • Always do as much as you can, as early as you can, so that you have time to refresh and be bright for your guests when they arrive.
  • Ask for help if you need it, there is always someone that you can find to assist if you ask the right way.
  • Above all KISS – “Keep it simple sweetheart” to what you are physically able to do. You want to enjoy your event as much as your guests. They will never see the small things that you notice, they will just be happy that you have gone to the effort of inviting them to your special event.
  • Breathe and enjoy!

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